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AVANTBark was born after the sudden rise of a rebellious spirit, totally inspired by super fun dog-parents & their cool pups. After looking for dog bandanas that were truly different, edgy and out-of-the-box for my sweet doodle Bowie (yes, named after David Bowie in case you ask!), I got the idea of giving voice to a totally refreshing reversible bandana line, made of designs that are pawesome, innovative and not afraid to be bright; that would speak about our contemporary world and that would also be a statement piece on our adored tail-waggers... swaging their styles!

AVANTBark believes in individuality, free spirit, rejoice & playfulness; it also stands for drawing a highlight into our everyday perspective, making our lives a little bit brighter... for us, our pups and the people that bump into us when taking our furbabies for a walk. For sure, our reversible doggy & cat bandanas are conversation-starters - actually, bark-meow-starters -, specially coming from the sweet, the geek, the kind, the rebel, the grumpy, the girly, the lazy, the amicable, the eccentric, the urban, the laid back and the crazy-happy type of pooch. So... which is the print that suits the personality of your furry best friend?

Also, within this intention of putting out there bandanas full of visual creativity, we decided to bring something new to the table: reversible bandanas! Allowing 2-in-1 super exciting designs that complement each other and that offer two completely different and interchangeable looks for your dog & cat.

We will be including other dog accessories in the future. But this is our starting point at the moment! So stay tuned...


My life changed back in 2016 after welcoming Bowie, my first labradoodle, into my home. I've never had a dog before, so I literally let myself be surprised by the experience. He immediately became my ray of light, a library plenty of knowledge, a box of chocolates and the best companion one can ever have.


Soon, I started conceptualizing and giving life to AVANTBark fully energized by him, his amazing personality, his kindness and uniqueness that made me smile and have courage every day. But sadly, Bowie passed away along the way when he was only two years old, turning my world upside down. Trapped in the sadness of his absence, I put a halt to the brand for months, while I was trying to figure out how to live without him and asking the world so many questions. But after months, that day finally arrived when I woke up and thought: “Elaine, maybe AVANTBark is your way of reviving him, remembering him, expanding all that wonderful vigor that he made you feel, to other people out there”. And so it happened.

​This was us back in time: Elaine & Bowie, dogmom and beloved pup who started it all. Currently, I’m 38 years old, living in Miami. I am a documentary filmmaker and a creative photographer; I'm also a music lover and a singer, a devoted aunt, a bookworm and an advocate for respecting what's different & for supporting what it isn't mainstream.

Just a few months ago, a new chapter began. We brought home two new members of our family, Sigur  & Floyd; these incredibly playful, adorable and sweet doodles. Giving my husband and I a new opportunity after such a big loss, has taught us so much. No matter how life unfolds, everything adds up while we become more complex creatures and make peace with the fact that there are things that will remain without answers. Still, feelings linger. We have so much love to give, and life to live. Through time I've realized Bowie is always within me and also, yes, outside of me: at the window of my house, in Sigur, in little Floyd, in my husband, and yes, in AVANTBark too. For me, this IS him, because if I believe that there is, it will… exist.

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