So you are probably wondering... "I love these! But which is the right reversible bandana size for my dog (or cat)?" Simple!

1)      Measure your dog’s (or cat) neck size using a tape measure. Soft and flexible ones work best!

2)      Pick your bandana size according to the chart below. They come in XS, S, M & L. Breed samples are only referential and you must always follow your pup's neck size.

PS: Your reversible bandana will measure at least 4” (for smaller breeds) to 6” (for larger breeds) more than your dog’s real neck size for a comfortable fitting. If the bandana is a little long towards the floor, you can always roll the bandana a few times to adjust the length properly (and for a funkier look too since our bandanas are reversible!) Also remember, dogs come in infinite shapes and sizes! :) If you have doubts, is always better to size up than down.

------- BANDANA LEnGTH --------