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TheBarkof beingyou!

We believe our reversible dog & cat bandanas are a way to stand out in this world, giving strength to your voice as a pawrent, as well as encouraging self-expression through the personality of your pooch. To us, when a pup wears a statement piece that reflects his/her personality, and strolls our world with it, that becomes the path we choose to bring joy, whimsicality, braveness and diversity into our lives. Freedom of visual speech is something we are seriously committed to. And yes, we are proud to celebrate the different, the unlikely, the unconventional, the oddball... actually "that" that isn't the mainstream. Our world so does need it.


AVANTBark was born after the sudden rise of a rebellious spirit, totally inspired by super fun dog-parents & their cool pups. After looking for dog bandanas that were truly different, edgy and out-of-the-box for my sweet doodle Bowie (yes, named after David Bowie in case you ask!), I got the idea of giving voice to a totally refreshing reversible bandana line, made of designs that are awesome, unique, innovative and not afraid to be bright; that would speak about our contemporary world and that would also be a statement piece on our adored tail-waggers... swagging their styles!


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